Sport Psychology isn't positive affirmations!

Unlock brain hacks to develop a mentally strong mindset without relying on just positive thinking!

Perfect For Athletes, Parents, & Coaches

sunday Jan 14 - Thursday Jan 18

📢 Get mental strength strategies you can apply TODAY & kickstart your mental game

Want to recover quicker?

Discover tools to compete with talent not emotions...

Frustrated with practice not transferring to competition?

Is your athlete super hard on themselves & thinking what could go wrong every time they compete?

Are they hesitating because they are consumed by what others think?

STRONG Mental Game = finally trusting the training so that the hours of practice can actually be applied!

Would being calmer, more confident, & more consistent change how coaches paid attention to your athlete? What about more opportunities?

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Sports Psychology or Mental Skills Training isn't unattainable, or therapy, or deep breaths, or mean you're weak, or too hard to learn... my framework is empirically proven!

Developing mental game allows you to be the same athlete every time you compete, giving you a fierce edge over competition.

You hire a strength & conditioning coach, nutritionist, hitting coach, swing coach, SAt prep expert, physical therapist... you need a mental conditioning coach!

Research shows strong mental skills are the difference between being average & elite.

You're used to doing drills in practice, in this challenge, i'll teach you mental drills & tools so you can be one step closer to breaking those records you've dreamed about.

more playing time or being recruited or making the top team come down to how you respond to pressure, make decisions in the moment & control emotions - Get Access to the same methods I teach my Olympic clients.

No Positive Thinking Challenge

Weird name?

Athletes often share with me ...

that they hesitated to work on their mental game because they assumed it was just positive thinking...

and they didn't think it worked...

and they weren't good at that stuff anyways...

Trust me, I don't think positive thinking works either!

  • Athletes ignore the mental aspect of training & wonder why they aren't improving...

  • You can develop mental strength without positive thinking or being fake

  • At the end of this challenge, you'll have concrete strategies to destroy bad habits

  • I'll teach you how to manufacture the confidence you wish you were born with

  • 5 days to stop freezing in fear or getting flustered in frustration



Sun Jan 14th

DAY 1 - on Sunday

Game Changing Advantage Most Athletes Overlook

We'll go over common misconceptions & the biggest mistakes that hold athletes back. Explain the difference between genuine authentic confidence & forced toxic positivity. Participants come away with a game-changing strategy that every single athlete I have trained over the years is always blown away by. This one strategy will shift how you look at everything in your life, whether you're an athlete or not.


  • Unmask mental myths

  • Why it's not your fault - what you don't know

  • Learn how to rewire the brain faster than you think



Mon Jan 15th

DAY 2 - On Monday

Rapid Reset Tools

We'll explore practical tools for managing embarrassment, distractions, & overthinking. The tools taught on this day are applicable to all sports, but may also be used when taking a tough test, dealing with conflict, having anxiety, worried about presenting, or needing a moment to reset. Participants come away with tools to separate themselves from the intensity of emotions taking over when something doesn't go as planned.


  • Uncover tools you haven't thought of to get re-focused

  • New tools from last challenge - learn 5 different options

  • Gain proven ways to release tension



Tues Jan 16th

DAY 3 - ON tuesday

Crush Limiting Beliefs

We'll dive into the power of shifting negative thoughts intro constructive ones without being unbelievable. Learn how to be neutral but effective. Explore the benefits of mental imagery as well as the mistakes most make so that you can avoid them. Participants come away with what the brain needs to actually achieve what they want - it's not what you think!


  • Physically change what your body is capable of overnight

  • Create more flexibility & power with your mind

  • Develop strength without cheesy affirmations



Wed Jan 17th

DAY 4- on wednesday

Reprogram Subconscious Bad Habits

We'll examine what causes individuals to not show up consistently & panic, even though they just did it in training. We have the power to control how our thoughts determine what physical ability we have on that given day. Participants will come away with the scientific secret to getting the outcome they want & avoid choking.


  • Learn how to counteract the comments that have restricted you

  • Understand how you make certain choices

  • Destroy expectations that are leading to disappointment



Thurs Jan 18th

DAY 5 - on thursday

Pre-Performance Routine

We'll investigate simple yet effective exercises that are necessary for the body to relax & have better oxygen flow to muscles. Covering keys to sharpening concentration, avoiding distractions, & important pacing. Participants will come away with the biggest piece to consider when creating a routine, that most ignore, to focus our mind & perform more dominantly.


  • Tackle how the brain can perceive control, even when you don't feel in control

  • Start to create your mental toolbox so you're not rattled in competition

  • Get expert knowledge so you can stop relying on false advice on the internet

Discover Groundbreaking Hacks to Conquer the Competition

In this challenge...

I'll reveal the brain-based approach that athletes are often unaware of:

  • Instead of going to more private lessons hoping this time it sticks... isn't it time your athlete learned from a specialist who can offer researched ways to perform stronger.

  • Join me in this exclusive chance to learn how the brain works so you can manipulate it & rewire it to work for you instead of against you.

  • Gain the systems & strategies in place for your athlete's best season yet.

  • I promise you'll learn something new & be energized, even if you've think you've tried it all before.

  • Acquire tangible tools to use immediately - you don't have to be a superstar today to become a superstar tomorrow.


is perfect for:

  • Athletes

  • Parents of Athletes

  • Teachers

  • Coaches

  • Stage Performers

  • Students


Ashley Eckermann, MS, MPM

Owner of Maximize the mind

My schedule is at capacity serving 1:1 clients, but I still want to help more athletes have access to tools that I wish I had when I was younger. This challenge allows me to teach some of the best strategies in a different format.

For over two decades, I’ve worked with athletes as a head coach, teacher, consultant, & practitioner...teaching youth through professional athletes how to train smarter & thrive under pressure. I've trained over 1500+ athletes to elevate their game.

During my career, I’ve coached All-Americans, State Champions, Olympians, Professionals, & received Coach of the Year Awards. As a 7X Ironman finisher, I truly appreciate the role mental toughness plays. I've had my fair share of injuries/surgeries, so I get where my peeps have been! I'll give a ton of different sport examples & explain the strategy behind everything - I used to hate when coaches didn't tell us why we were doing a drill. Get ready to be schooled in the power of mental preparation & inspired to make some changes!

I’m so passionate about helping competitors reach their goals, I hope you'll join me on this FREE JOURNEY because teaching mental strength techniques is kinda my jam!

The Bottom Line Is...

If you or your athlete experiences:

- paralyzing second guessing

- debilitating tension

- gives up too quickly

- internalizes all the comments

- overthinks what could go wrong

- too worried what others think…

The FREE No Positive Thinking Challenge is the answer you’ve been craving. Bench your fears & become an unshakable competitor! Don't let the fact that it's FREE fool you, this will transform your thinking!

We'll see you on the inside!

🧠👩‍💻Ashley Eckermann

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